How does Parlu work?

Facebook is great for interacting with your current friends, but how do you find new friends who share your interests?

When you access Parlu on Facebook, you can create keywords about you and the things you want to talk about. Whether you want to talk politics or "American Idol"---Parlu will connect you with the closest match. You can connect in real time or set up a time for a Parlu chat. You can add as many people to your conversation as you like, too. Push it some more: Do you want your conversation to include people who share other keywords as well, such as people who attended college or who love sports? Narrow it some more: People your age who love soccer and attended your college.

Parlu's patent-pending matching algorithm puts you together with other users who want to talk about the things that are important to you.

Right now we are represented by a Facebook application. As we expand, we will also use our own site called Hello Central ™ which will provide a central directory of people and interests.

No interest is too arcane for Parlu. Our patent-pending technology allows for the infinite refinement of interests. 

It is easy to get started.

  1. Click here to login to Facebook or search for Parlu Groups in Facebook apps.
  2. Click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page and "allow" Parlu Groups. (You will only have to do this once.)
  3. You will be taken to the Parlu Hello Central™ page where you can start creating discussion groups by adding tags and searching for matches.


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