Parlu tags

What is Parlu™?

What's the big idea?

Will Rogers said that a stranger is “just a friend I haven’t met yet.”

Facebook already connects you with people from your past. Then those people connect you to people from their past. Parlu connects you with the future.

We allow you to meet people not through friends of friends, but through shared interests and concerns. You’ve just read the new Jonathan Franzen novel and want to talk about it? Parlu will set up a live discussion group asap. Do you want to discuss a particular political issue with a group of people? We’ll make that happen too. And we can refine the profile of that group any way you wish: by age, location, education . . . it’s up to you.

We can facilitate the three a.m. discussion when you are worried about significant life issues: illness, family concerns, career. We also allow you to go through milestones with people who are also having kids, changing jobs, going off to college. Instead of addressing these concerns to strangers on a static blog, we allow you to have the virtual “back fence” conversation even if the participants live on different continents.

Simply add your interests or “tags”. Don’t be afraid to keep narrowing them. We are able to create very precise matches through our patent-pending matching algorithm. Don’t just say you like “music”— be as specific as you like. “Jazz”? Go deeper still, if you like. “Thelonius Monk”? Sure. Do you want to meet a Thelonius Monk fan who loves wine and restores old cars? If that person is out there, we’ll arrange a live conversation.  And you can have that conversation through mobile devices, online, Skype . . . whatever suits you.

What if you are thinking of going on safari in East Africa or seeing the Tour de France? We will match you with someone who can share that experience with you. Do you want to talk about your hobbies? Someone else does too. We’ll put you together.

Parlu connects you with people you’d like to meet.  We make your world both wider and smaller.

It’s what the Internet was meant to do.

Why would I use Parlu along with Facebook?

Parlu enables you to meet new people on Facebook through common interests and concerns. If you've ever said to yourself, "I wish I had someone to talk to about that. . ." Parlu can set up a live conversation with the Facebook member who shares your interests and concerns.

Parlu allows you to narrow your search for a friend or friends very specifically. Find someone who follows your favorite baseball team and is a fan of classical music and loves mystery novels. Or you want to talk about a specific author. Or that author’s latest book.

Is this going to work right away?

Yes, but you won’t reach a huge pool of people initially. Share this link and encourage all your Facebook friends to do the same. We need a critical mass.

As time goes on, and your tags reach more and more people, the easier it will become to reach out to others who share your interests.

Am I going to be a target of advertising or hackers?

No and no. Right now we are self-funded. And our CTO is a well-known software security expert.

What’s the “vision thing”?

Maybe the person who shares your concerns or interests lives on another continent. Rather than merely adding “friends,” you can now make friends in a more profound and meaningful way.

Who are you people?

Lynn Klamkin, President

MFA, Writers’ Workshop, University of Iowa. Taught at Tufts University, University of  San Francisco, and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Lynn has consulted for political candidates, technology startups, and commercial enterprises.

David R. Wallace, CTO

Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science, Tulane. Inventor of numerous technologies, most prominently “software cloaking”. Co-founder of Determina, Inc. Holds patents for alternative energy inventions and several security approaches. David wrote the patent and underlying algorithms for Parlu.

Kali Donovan, Co-founder & VP Engineering

BA in Computer Science and International Relations, Stanford. Developed a number of security tools used internally to protect the Stanford network. Founded web consultancy advising technology startups and served as CTO for a variety of internet companies.

Kali combined Lynn's ideas and David's algorithm to create Parlu.

All three of us see Parlu as a breakthrough technology, enabling users anywhere in the world to connect easily over any subject they desire.